Marvel Read-Through: The First Avengers

Cover of Avengers #1
Super-villain saying that he will make a name for himself by defeating the Avengers
The Avengers really made a name for themselves by their second issue. I’ll overlook how little sense this makes and chalk it up to 1960s comic book storytelling
Captain America moving on from Bucky’s death with Rick Jones
I loved reading Cap coming to terms with his new life
Iron Man putting on his sleeve
The nonsense of 1960s comic book science is so fun to read
Hank being rude to Janet
Hank you were getting you ass kicked until she showed up and you couldn’t even say thanks!
Super-villain The Eraser erasing a man
Let’s end on a good note and laugh at how ridiculous and silly some of these old villains are



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Scott Baskin

Scott Baskin

Scott Baskin is a 25-year-old Ryerson University Professional Communications graduate. He is interested in pop culture specifically movies, TV, music, & comics